A contemporary arts project about hands and feet, people and place, with
artists Sue Palmer and Sally Watkins.

We have been meeting, talking and collaborating with 16 people living and working along the West Dorset seaboard between Lulworth and Charmouth, who use their hands (27 bones) and or feet (26 bones) in their work and life along this part of the Jurassic coast.  The project unfolded over a six month period (November 2011 to May 2012), finishing with a live event over the weekend of 26th and 27th May 2012 at the Salt House in West Bay, Dorset – a collection of visual, sound and live work including ‘creative presentations’  made by the artists in collaboration with project participants.

’26 and 7 Bones’ is a mapping of connections across place and time – an action, a journey, a collection – and was commissioned as part of the Jurassic Coast Earth Festival 2012.

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’26 and 7 bones – score for a music box’ – a composition: a distillation of the contributions made by our 16 participants, integrating human activity with the timelines of the Jurassic Coast, through a series of mathematical processes undertaken by Sally.


’26 and 7 bones’ – a participatory arts project: through walking, research, conversation, skill exchange and both a physical and metaphorical approach to engaging with the landscape, we sought to discover and articulate the conjunctions and exchanges between the physical body and the landscape – the ‘and’ of the hand.

Conversations and collaboration with people including a blacksmith, herbalist, embroiderer, charcoal maker, coastguard, archaeologist, freediver, foot surgeon, sculptor and runner, are threaded with connected histories and timelines from this distinctive coast, events both intimately local and far across the ocean.


26 and 7 Bones is part of the Jurassic Coast Earth Festival 2012, which is part of Maritime Mix.

The Jurassic Coast Earth Festival 2012 is a celebration of England’s only natural World Heritage Site. It comprises a range of exciting events that fuse art and theatre with science to give us a new way of seeing where we fit into the history of time. It encourages us to understand and appreciate the heritage on our doorstep and live more sustainably today. The Earth Festival is part of Maritime Mix: London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the sea.

26 and 7 Bones is produced with support from Julie Penfold and Labculture, and funded by Arts Council England.

Initial research and development funding for the project from Activate Performing Arts.

Our thanks to Daisy Sutcliffe for support and advice at Jurassic Coast