26 and 7 event

at The Salt House, West Bay, Dorset

Saturday May 26th  – 12noon – 8.00pm &  Sunday May 27th – 12noon – 7.00pm

with artists Sue Palmer & Sally Watkins, and project participants.

An ‘assemblage’ of artwork that articulates and praises our hands and feet and the multiple lived stories they are part of: visual, sound and live work.

Connecting the anatomical structures of hands and feet, their lived histories and wear and tear with the weathering, layering and movement of the wider geology, the weekend event at the Salt House brings together works collected and made over the last six months through the artists collaborating with the 16 people we have met and worked with.

As part of the process, Sue and Sally invited participants to give them waste or discarded materials generated by their work or activity. These ‘spoils’ disrupt our sense of what is valued.  Imprinted with texts from collected research and associated stories, this collection of ‘waste’ objects intimately connects people and place, hand and foot, and contributes to the layer of contemporary archaeology and the ‘Anthropocene’ era.

These works, along with other visual and aural work, produce a very particular ‘spatial mapping’ of the Lulworth to Charmouth seaboard, actively entangling the vast geological and cosmic time scales we are located along with the personal timescales that we journey within.

Live work – ten minute ‘creative presentations’:

‘Paired presentations’ on the hour, every hour, from 12 noon to 7pm each day, made between the artists and the participants, will speak about specific details of peoples work and activity, with each event opening out a very particular relationship to place, time and anatomy.

The 26 and 7 Bones weekend on the 26th and 27th of May, is specifically sited in West Bay – a mid point on ‘our’ coast, and connected to the public transport network.  The Salt House, a building connected out to Newfoundland, America and international waters, sits in a gap either side of two cliffs each with their own geology and windows of specificity.  And on a harbourside that is both a departure point and a homecoming, a horizontal that crosses space as well as time.

Entry is free, no advance booking necessary.

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