Participation – how we work

26 and 7 Bones is a collaborative project.  We are interested in making things with people, in and about place/s.  We like meeting and talking with people whose lived daily rhythm or lifetime of experience is both very different from our own, yet connected – to see what can come through exchange of perceptions, understanding, skills and ideas.  So this project is an accumulation of all kinds of different ‘hands and feet’ along the Dorset coast – a fascinating assemblage of things that are relational and circulatory, and highly distinctive.

Conversation, dialogue and exchange are at the heart of our process.  We find people through research, following our noses, phone calls, and our own network of friends and contacts to meet people, but we particularly like to make contact with strangers.

Our project involves an initial conversation – we ask each person the same set of questions that is focused around the use of their hands and feet, although inevitably the conversation spills out.  After this first meeting, people can continue to engage through collaborating with us and being part of the unfolding project work – participants can do as much or as little as they wish, and can ‘drop out’ at any point.  This sense of openness and porosity is important to us.

The second phase of collaboration continues through ongoing exchange and dialogue, invitations to respond, creative ‘t-asks’, to make an assemblage of work, some of which will be made by the artists themselves, some in collaboration with participants: live performance, video and sound work, objects and texts.

Sally and Nancy on Golden Cap