Items of research that we like and somehow connect to, but have not placed.

Below are a few short film links found on the internet.

The first is a TEDx talk by Jer Thorpe, Vancouver 2011. It deals with putting data into a human context and as the talks goes on, demonstrates how timelines can be visualised from data collected on the internet, creating personal stories and histories and the connections between them.  Here’s the tex that comes with the film and below the text is the link the the film on the TED website, it is 18 minutes long.

“Jer Thorp creates beautiful data visualizations to put abstract data into a human context. At TEDxVancouver, he shares his moving projects, from graphing an entire year’s news cycle, to mapping the way people share articles across the internet.

Jer Thorp’s work focuses on adding meaning and narrative to huge amounts of data as a way to help people take control of the information that surrounds them”


The second is a youtube film of a ‘Veritas Classical Conversation’. A physicalisation of a timeline – the history of America. There are many of them on youtube, but I chose this one for the complimentary ticking clock! It is a few minutes long.

The third is an instruction video from about.com on how to draw a hand. The artist’s hands are as interesting to watch as the hand being drawn. You need to click on “How to Draw Hands” below. It is a few minutes long.


How to Draw Hands